Monday, January 9, 2012

Dakota Quests!

Requirements for the "No More Truffles for Truffles":
Harvest the Pet Run
Get 3 Pairs of Running Shoes
Harvest 100 Spinach

100 XP
Coach Roadrunner
2,500 Farm Coins

 Requirements for the "Pumped Up Piggy":
Get 4 Dumbells
Harvest Coach Roadrunner
Harvest 150 Fruit

200 XP
Workout Chicken
2,500 Farm Coins

 Requirements for the "The Downward Pig":
Get 5 Yoga Mats
Harvest Workout Chicken
Harvest 200 Vegetables

300 XP
Yoga Piggy
2,500 Farm Coins

 Requirements for the "High on The Hog":
Get 6 Scrub Brushes
Harvest Aviary Twice
Harvest 250 Green Tea

500 XP
Spa Attendant
2,500 Farm Coins

 Requirements for the "Lipstick on a Pig":
Get 8 Skinny Clothes
Harvest Yoga Piggy
Harvest 300 Grain Crops

750 XP
Dakota Workout Tracksuit
2,500 Farm Coins

 Requirements for the "You are what you eat":
Get 8 Healthy Cooking Books
Harvest Spa Attendant Duck
Harvest Livestock Pen Twice

 1000 XP
Penguin Personal Shopper
5,000 Farm Coins

 Requirements for the "Continuing Resolutions":
Get 8 New Year’s Resolutions
Harvest 1 Penguin Personal Shopper
Harvest 350 Vegetables

 1250 XP
Snowy Stone Cottage
5,000 Farm Coins

 Requirements for the "Better Put a String On It":
Get 10 Piece of Pink String
Harvest Coach Roadrunner
Harvest 400 Rhubarb

1500 XP
Snowy Monopteros
5,000 Farm Coins

 Requirements for the "An Alarming Development":
Get 12 Alarm Clocks
Master Yoga Piggy to 1 Star
Harvest 450 Flowers

 2000 XP
Snowy Clock Tower
6,000 Farm Coins

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