Saturday, October 15, 2011

Coin Expansions for Lighthouse Cove!!!

There are 2 new expansions released for coins in the lighthouse cove but they're not cheap. Farmers can now expand to 16x16 for 1,000,000 coin or 18x18 for 1,250,000 coin. allowing a maximum of 75 plots with the larger expansion.

In market for 1,000,000 coins                                           in market for 1,250,000 coins

UPDATED-- Lighthouse Cove Halloween Quests!!!

seems as if we're getting 6 new quests for the Lighthouse Cove this holiday season... 3 standard quests accompanied by 3 bonus quests. Only thing is the crop counts for quest completion seem high, indicating a possible addition of coin expansion??

Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quest 1: A Spooky Season!
* Get 3 Halloween Masks
* Harvest Lighthouse Cove
* Harvest 70 Hays

* 100 XP
* Trick or Treat Bear
* 2.500 Coins

                                          Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quest 2: Ghost of a Chance!
                                                                     * Get 3 Lollipops
                                                                * Harvest 70 Red Clovers
                                                                    * Harvest 1 Orchard

                                                                             * 200 XP
                                                             * Lighthouse Keeper Gnome
                                                                          * 2500 Coins

Lighthouse Cove Ghost Quest 3: Ghost Hunting!

* Get 6 Flaslights
* Make Farmhouse Cheddar Twice
* Harvest 70 Tarragons
* 300 XP
* Pirate Ship
* 2500 Coins

Lighthouse Cove Ghost Bonus Challenge 1!
* Master Farmhouse Cheddar 1-star
* Harvest 110 Cove Cranberries
* Harvest Lighthouse Cove
* 500 XP
* Trick or Treat Monkey
* 2500 Coins

Lighthouse Cove Ghost Bonus Challenge 2!
* Harvest 110 Daylilies
* Improve the Cove to Level 6
* Make Cranberry-Pineapple Relish 3 Times

* 1000 XP
* Giant Conch
* 2500 Coins

Lighthouse Cove Ghost Bonus Challenge 3!
* Make 3 Jonnycakdes 3 Times
* Harvest 130 Butter & Sugar Corns
* Harvest 1 orchard
* 500 XP
* Spooky Tree
* 2500 Coins

Permenant Mastery Statues

The FarmVille Market added a Crop/Tree Mastery Statue and there’s also an Animal Mastery statue.

They have become permanent market items that you will be able to purchase at any time. You can only have one statue per farm. So this means that the statue only works on the farm that it is placed upon.
Each statue provides double mastery for crops/trees or animals.
Break out the Farm Cash because these statues aren’t cheap.

FarmVille Double Mastery Statues

  • FarmVille Crop/Tree Mastery (Re-named Platinum Statue) – 300 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Animal Mastery – 250 Farm Cash

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pegacorn & Foal!!!

Take a look at these new animals.... the Pegacorn and Foal

We're unsure where these animals will be appearing but reports have been they'll be offered in a cross-promotion with Mafia Wars????

BIG Clydesdale & BIG Chicken

Last night, a Big Clydesdale and a Big Brown Chicken were added to the FarmVille Market.
These animals look  the same as their normal versions with the one exception of being MUCH larger.

  • FarmVille Big Clydesdale – 25 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Big Brown Chicken – 20 Farm Cash

Link to filter your Facebook feed

Use this link to filter your Facebook feed to show ONLY Farmville posts

Ask for materials links---Count Duckula's Castle

Click on the Image or the Name of the Item you want to Ask For!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lighthouse Cove Super Crops Arrive!!!

FarmVille Freak Oodi
FarmVille’s Lighthouse Cove just got a lot more interesting to Crop Mastery freaks.
Notice, that there are now some Lighthouse Cove Super Crops that were added to the market.
You can unlock Super Crops when you master their regular version as well as get neighbor before you can plant Super Crop seeds on your farm.For example, before you can plant Super Chandler Blueberry you must have already mastered the regular Chandler Blueberry crop. Then you will be asked to get some neighbor help by getting 6 friends to “Certify your Crop”.
Farmers are also reporting that they now have full access to plant any regular crop, Super Crop, English Countryside crop, or Home farm crop (not just Lighthouse Cove exclusive crops) on their Lighthouse Cove farms.
FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Super Crops Page 1
FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Super Crops Page 2
FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Super Crops Page 3

Count Duckula Quest Guide

FarmVille Count Duckula Quest 1

FarmVille Count Duckula Quest 2

FarmVille Count Duckula Quest 3

FarmVille Count Duckula Quest 4

FarmVille Count Duckula Quest 5

FarmVille Count Duckula Quest 6

More Count Duckula’s Castle Quests are upon us and we have you covered. Read below for a quick re-cap on everything you need to know for a speedy finish to your Count Duckula’s Castle questing. Good luck!

FarmVille Count Duckula’s Castle Quest 1: A Frightening Feast
Requirements: Get 8 Banquet Invitations, Place 1 Duckula’s Castle, & Harvest 75 Pumpkins
Rewards: 50 XP, Red Cat, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Count Duckula’s Castle Quest 2:Lively Libations
Requirements: Get 8 Spooky Grails, Harvest the Red Cat, & Harvest 100 Grain Crops
Rewards: 50 XP, x3 Ravens, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Count Duckula’s Castle Quest 3: A Spooky Scene
Requirements: Get 10 Scary Decorations, Upgrade Castle Duckula to Spooky, & Harvest 100 Fruit
Rewards: 50 XP, Spider Web Trees, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Count Duckula’s Castle Quest 4: Fun in the Dark
Requirements: Get 10 Blindfolds, Master Red Cat to Level 1, & Harvest 75 Golden Poppies
Rewards: 50 XP, Purple Pumpkin Gnome, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Count Duckula’s Castle Quest 5: Setting the Table
Requirements: Get 12 Table Centerpieces, Master Red Cat to Level 2, & Harvest 150 Vegetables
Rewards: 50 XP, Pumpkin Snowman, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Count Duckula’s Castle Quest 6: Finishing Touches
Requirements: Get 13 Party Favors, Harvest 3 Duckula’s Raven, & Upgrade Castle Duckula to Eerie
Rewards: 50 XP, Court Jester Costume, & 2,500 Farm Coins

Farmville Count Duckula Castle

Count Duckula’s Castle is here! It’s slowly rolling out and should be available to all farmers soon.
Count Duckula’s Castle is a constructible building that has six construction phases. Once complete you can use your Count Duckula Castle to collect tickets for your Halloween Ticket Bastket that will be coming soon. Each time you visit Count Duckula’s Castle on one of your neighbors’ farms you will receive a ticket.
After the update is made available to you, place your Duckula’s Castle frame on your farm and start building! If you can’t locate your building frame check your FarmVille Gift Box.
Similar to other constructible buildings you will collect materials to complete your Duckula’s Castle. There are 6 building stages which are listed below. Each stage requires more materials and as you build up your castle it will change appearance becoming more grand with each stage.
Duckula Castle Stages
  • Level 1: Spooky
  • Level 2: Eerie
  • Level 3: Hair-Raising
  • Level 4: Frightening
  • Level 5: Spine-chilling
  • Level 6: Downright Dreadful
Required Construction Materials
Level 1: Spooky Duckula’s Castle
  • 12x Haunted Brick
  • 12x Goo
  • 12x Knockers
Level 2: Eerie Duckula’s Castle 
  • 14x Haunted Brick
  • 14x Goo
  • 14x Knockers

Level 3: Hair-Raising Duckula’s Castle
  • 16x Haunted Brick
  • 16x Goo
  • 16x Knockers
Level 4: Frightening Duckula’s Castle
  • 18x Creepy Candle Holder *(ITEM CHANGE from previous)
  • 18x Goo
  • 18x Knockers
Level 5: Spine-Chilling Duckula’s Castle
  • 20x Creepy Candle Holder
  • 20x Goo
  • 20x Knockers
Level 6: Downright Dreadful Duckula’s Castle
  • 22x Creepy Candle Holder
  • 22x Goo
  • 22x Knockers
Obtaining Building Materials 
  • 1) Send and Receive materials as free gifts via the Gifting Page
  • 2)Using the “Ask for More” button
  • 3)Find building materials via the Facebook News Feed from neighbors’ shares
  • 4) Purchase directly using Farm Cash
  • Harvesting Your Duckula’s Castle
    You will be able to harvest your Count Duckula’s Castle once per day. Each time you harvest your castle, you can receive anywhere from 1-4 Tickets for the Halloween Basket (coming soon). Additionally, when you visit your friends’ farms you can receive free tickets when clicking on their Duckula’s Castle. The Halloween Basket will allow you to collect tickets and redeem some cool spooky prizes. Even though the Halloween Basket is not out just yet, you can still get a head start by collecting tickets!