Saturday, November 19, 2011

Farmville Rap!!!

Wonderland Buildings & Links

The Winter Wonderland will soon be upon us and as with previous farms there will be plenty of parts to scrounge for.
We'll offer you a peek at some of the new buildings as well as the parts you'll be needing.

click image for item link

Train Station

You'll need

rail ties              rail spikes                coal

Arctic Habitat

you'll need

ice post                 fairy dust           candy beam

Snow Gift

you'll need

hair dryer            pick ax

Frozen Coop

Ask Friends for expansion

Igloo Cellar
you'll need


Arctic Habitat Links

Well farmers, it seems that with the new farm there will also be a new habitat for your furry friends.
Here are a few images along with the links you'll be needing to acquire building materials.

Click image for link


Winter Wonderland Quest 1

These quests are unreleased and subject to change, planned release is 11/28

Plow 3 Plots, Plant 10 GingerBread, Harvest Train Station

50XP, 2500 Coins, (2) Rail Ties, (2) Rail Spikes, (2) Coal

Quest 1:
Get 6 Jingle Bells, Harvest 45 GingerBread, Harvest Train Station

100XP, 2500 Coins, Borealis Tree

Quest 2:
Get 6 EggNog, Harvest 45 Iced Rice, Complete 1 Orchard

200XP, 2500 Coins, Holiday Ermine

Quest 3
Get 6 Arctic Beachball, Make Ginger Smores 1 Time,Harvest Borealis 1 Time

300XP, 2500 Coins, Ice Geyser

Quest 4
Get 6 Snowshoes, Harvest 45 Candied Yams, Harvest Holiday Ermine

500XP, 2500 Coins, Icy Horse

Quest 5
Get 6 Holiday Tunes, Make Candied Yam Pie 2 Times, Melt (1) snow treasure

500XP, 5000 Coins, Gnome Ice Fishing

Quest 6
Get 6 Snowflakes, Make Candied Apple 2 Times, Harvest Train Station

500XP, 5000 Coins, Holiday St. Bernard

Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter Wonderland Crops

We've uncovered these images of the new crops that will be avail. for the winter wonderland farm...

Winter Wonderland Craftshop

Here are some images we have of the new buildable sweetshop.
This will the the crafting station for the new winter wonderland destination farm.

below are some images we believe will become the newest crafting recipes