Saturday, November 12, 2011

Send Bushel Links

Farmers, have you or your neighbors just plain not been able to find the bushels you need?

Here's a handy link to our forum page that'll allow you to SEND any bushel your crafty hearts desire.

Turkey Eggs???

Many farmers are finding the new Merriam Turkey slated for release in the next set of holiday quests found here inside of common aviary eggs.

As it seems the turkey will need to be harvested 10 times (likely 1 star mastery) it may be beneficial to have as many of them as possible for quest completion.

Thanksgiving Baskets

Well farmers, prepare for another item scavenger hunt.

The new Thanksgiving basket feature will be releasing soon sending farmers out to hunt down a multitude of gifts to fill their baskets.
The baskets will function similar to other holiday promotions where farmers send/ receive various giftable items ti fill the basket and later exchange the basket for gifts.
This feature isn't released yet but we''ll keep you updated with info on the available prizes as we learn more.
For now take a look at the items you'll be collecting.

Mystery Game 11/13

Sunday as always will again bring a new set of prizes for the mystery game.
here's a sneak peek at the planned contents.

  •                                                                       FarmVille Maple Leaf Horse
  •                                                                        FarmVille Maple Leaf Cow
  •                                                                     FarmVille Chipmunk N Nuts
  •                                                                      FarmVille Yellow Warblers
  •                                                                       FarmVille Fall Hedgehog
  •                                                                       FarmVille Fall Garden Shed

Friday, November 11, 2011

(UNRELEASED) Thanksgiving Quest Guide

By all reports this quest wont begin until 11/17 and is subject to change...

Quest 1:
Get 6 Lanterns, Harvest 5 Cows, Harvest 150 Wheat
100XP, 2500 Coins, Shaggy Fall Sheep

Quest 2
Get 6 Firepit Stones, Harvest Shaggy Fall Sheep, Harvest 150 Corn
200XP, 2500 Coins, Founder Duck

Quest 3
Get 6 Stumps, Harvest Founder Duck, Harvest 150 Potato
300XP, 2500 Coins, Fall Lantern

Quest 4
Get 6 Baked Potato, Harvest 25 Horses, Harvest 150 Aloe
500XP, 2500 Coins, Turkey Merriam

Quest 5
Get 6 Marshmallow Forks, Harvest Merriam Turkey 10 times, Harvest 150 Strawberry
750XP, 2500 Coins, Under the Stars

Quest 6
Get 6 Fire Spades, Harvest Founder Duck 2 Times, Harvest 150 Pumpkins
1000XP, 2500 Coins, Fall Lantern Horse

FV Christmas Ornaments???

Seems some Best Buy Stores got an early jump on Christmas and inadvertently released some FV holiday decorations prematurely.

With all the ways Z already sells it's items it's almost refreshing to see something we can actually own.

The new collectible plush toys are said to be sold for $12.95 and come with FV codes to 10FC and possibly one of the corresponding plush animals to be placed on your farm.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Silo Expansion!!

Many farmers are noticing new construction materials in their gifting page.
These new materials are slowly rolling out to farmers as a crafting silo expansion.

The idea of expanding a feature most have had issues with since it's introduction seems unnecessary, along with the newly introduced Hoedown Building it seems theres no end to the amount of building materials farmers will be needing. 

 Screws                                                               Red Beams                                              Aluminum Siding

Unable to Post??

For months many farmers have experienced issues with posting items and requests. Often this can be fixed by basic means such as refreshing or clearing cache n cookies but for an increasing number of farmers this is no longer working.

Here are some tips we hope will help until Z resolves the issue:

1. Test your ability to post prior to posting "important" items or requests by opening the market stall and try posting a bushel, if it fails refresh and try again.

2. Allow your farm to completely load before posting

3. Try switching farms, if you need the item on the LHC try loading home farm 1st and then switching back to cove.

4. Use the links provided in our guides at to request needed mission items.

5. Utilize the newsfeed, take advantage of neighbors posts to collect needed items. If you give one, you'll get one.

6. Send gifts rather than requests. Rather than requesting the item from them. if you gift to neighbors your gift will often be returned.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fairy Market Collection

Market Update 11/09

Harvest Hoedown Quest Guide

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 1: Groovin’

 Get 6 Guitars, Harvest 200 Spinach, & Harvest 50 Flowers

150 XP, Bowl of Snacks, & Striped Possum, 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 2: Prima Donnas
 Get 6 Fiddles, Harvest 200 Blueberries, & Harvest 1 Stripped Possum
200 XP, Bowl of Fruits, & Fiddler Scarecrow, 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 3: Pickin’ It
Get 6 Banjos, Harvest 225 Soybeans, & Harvest 50 Vegetables
200 XP, Bucket of Paint, & Speaker Tree, 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 4: Keepin’ Time
 Get 6 Stand Up Basses, Harvest 250 Pumpkins, & Harvest the Speaker Tree
250 XP, Bowl of Snacks, Bass Bear, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 5: Toe Tappin’
Get 6 Mandolins, Harvest 250 Peppermint, & Harvest the Stripped Possum
350 XP, Bowl of Fruit, Mandolin Gnome, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Harvest Hoedown Quest 6: Hoedown Time
Get 6 Kick Drums, Harvest 300 Wheat, & Harvest the Stripped Possum Twice
500 XP, Bucket of Paint, Oneman band Duck, & 5,000 Farm Coins