Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unable to Post??

For months many farmers have experienced issues with posting items and requests. Often this can be fixed by basic means such as refreshing or clearing cache n cookies but for an increasing number of farmers this is no longer working.

Here are some tips we hope will help until Z resolves the issue:

1. Test your ability to post prior to posting "important" items or requests by opening the market stall and try posting a bushel, if it fails refresh and try again.

2. Allow your farm to completely load before posting

3. Try switching farms, if you need the item on the LHC try loading home farm 1st and then switching back to cove.

4. Use the links provided in our guides at to request needed mission items.

5. Utilize the newsfeed, take advantage of neighbors posts to collect needed items. If you give one, you'll get one.

6. Send gifts rather than requests. Rather than requesting the item from them. if you gift to neighbors your gift will often be returned.

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