Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mystery Boxes get an update

According to new load screens.. the Farmville mystery boxes will be getting new items for the next week. This is good news to those who havent completed their Duckula's Castle as these parts are now included.

New "Trick or Treat" quests

This was originally posted as unconfirmed but since the post these quests have been slowly rolling out to's a break down of how the quests should appear.

Trick or Treat Quest 1: Let There Be Light (Sticks)!
* Get 8 Light Sticks
* Visit 3 Neighbors
* Harvest 200 Fruit

       * 50 XP
    * Reverse Skunk
   * 2500 Coins

    Trick or Treat Quest 2: The Bucketeers!
  * Get 8 Candy Buckets
 * Harvest the Reverse Skunk   * Harvest 200 Flowers

     * 50 X 
     * Orange Granny Wolf
      * 2500 Coins

         Trick or Treat Quest 3: Jack-O-Lighting!
      * Get 10 Jack-O-Lantern Flashlights
       * Harvest the Orange Granny Wolf
  * Harvest 200 Grain Crops

         * 50 XP
       * Halloween Robodinoninja
   * 2500 Coins

        Trick or Treat Quest 4: The Route to Loot!
  * Get 10 Candy Maps
     * Place Halloween Robodinoninja in Zoo
     * Harvest 100 Candy Corn

* 50 XP
Halloween Hippo Tutu
* 2500 Coins

* Get 12 Cardboard Box Costumes
* Master Reverse Skunk to Level 2
* Harvest 200 Vegetables

* 50 XP
* Robot
* 2500 Coins

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     Trick or Treat Quest 6: Trick or Treat?
* Get 12 Confetti Bombs
* Harvest the Zoo
* Harvest 150 Black Tulips
* 50 XP
Purple Dragon
* 2500 Coins

New Trick or Treat event- AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Seems as if we're being treated to a new collection event...similar to the apple bobbing station which is expiring, we'll now be given the chance to "trick or Treat" our neighbors. By collecting items it appears as if we'll be rewarded with some newly released items that will also be appearing for FC in the market...

PRIZES for the trick or treat event....these will be appearing in the market also but are FREE as event items

more upcoming halloween animals

These will likely be appearing in the market tonight as Halloween is nearly upon us.. take a sneak peek.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Decorating Contest!!!!

Kelly's Farmville is sponsoring a Halloween Farm Decorating contest.... 

for the OFFICIAL forum or to submit....


you MUST register to the forum to submit 

All entries must be your own (no submitting others farms) 

ONE entry per person 

once entered you allow Kelly's Farmville rights to share your image. 

winning farms will be posted on our main page along with your name. 

entries should not be deleted or modified after posting. 

all entries must be submitted in this thread of kelly's farmville forum (no other submissions will be considered) 

One entry per person. Choose wisely! (This means that creating an additional forum account to post multiple entries is NOT allowed.) 

nothing illicit, profane or offensive (all forum rules apply) 


use any farmville decorations you have on your farm to decorate anyway you see fit. 

place a photo or screen capture of your farm in this forum thread.


A total of 30 points is possible; points will be awarded based on the following criteria: 
Creativity: up to 10 points 
Effort: up to 10 points 
Presentation: up to 10 points 


prizes will involve FC items donated by friends of the site and are subject to change. 

as of this time prizes are as follows 

40FC item 
40FC item 
20FC item 
20FC item 
10FC item 

prizes must be giftable items from the FARMVILLE market 

to claim a prize you may be required to become FV neighbors with the person donating prior to receipt of the prize. 

winning farms will be subject to verification. 

winners will be announced privately as well as have their farms placed on our home page. 

contest ends Nov. 1 2011

for help capturing, editing or posting photos see...

send bushel links- creamed corn

use these links to SEND friends bushel for cream corn. You'll need to reach a 1 star mastery of this recipe for the LHC pirate bonus quest.

New LHC items?

will these new items be released in the market soon or are they part of an upcoming quest??

 cove fisheman shack                                       cove baitshop                                           rusty anchor tavern
town hall                                    general store                     train depot