Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blank Request Pages

Many farmers are and have for months been reporting that their Facebook requests page is often if not always blank. This is often attributed to an excess of game requests, 500 or more in most cases. It seems that Facebook  has trouble reading unanswered requests over 500 and returns a blank page to compensate. Here are a few steps we hope will help restore your request page and get you farming again.

1st...you'll need to remove the farmville app (this will NOT effect your game)

use this link to go to your applicatons page and locate FARMVILLE click the "x" next to the "edit" option to remove the farmville app.

by removing the app it should delete all pending game requests.

2nd...you'll need to re-apply the farmville app

click this link and allow farmville as before you removed it.

3rd...check your game request page. Use this link to make sure your request page loads properly, you should also notice that all or most of your farmville request have been deleted.

NOTE: if you're a multiple app user you MAY need to remove/re-apply them as well to reduce the number of pending requests to an amount facebook deems manageable OR may need to repeat this process a few times to enact the changes.

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