Friday, December 23, 2011

FarmVille Winter Wonderland Cactus Quest!!!! December 22nd, 2011 Till Jan 4th, 2012!

WOOT,WOOT!! All aboard the Quest Train! ..  FarmVille is releasing yet ANOTHER Quest for you to enjoy and conquer! this quest is filled with adventure, and the cutest bundled up animals you've ever saw on FarmVille!
Note: This can is applicable to ALL farms and can be carried out of any farm you desire!

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FamVille Cactus Quest 1: Red Ears!

Get 6 Ear Warmers
Harvest 50 Vegetables (Tip: Pumpkins/Super Pumpkins - 8 Hrs Crop)
Harvest 150 Strawberries/Super Strawberries (4 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: A Sweater Tree(2 days to harvest on farm),100 XP,2500 Coin

FarmVille Cactus Quest 2: Tail Gloves! Gloved Tails?

Get 6 Pigtail Covers
Harvest A Sweater Tree Once (Tip: Use orchards)
Harvest 150 Pumpkins/Super Pumpkins (8 Hrs Crop)
Rewards:Sweater Penguin(3 days to harvest on farm),200 XP,2500 Coin

FarmVille Cactus Quest 3: A Beanie A Day

Get 6 Duck Beanies
Harvest Sweater Penguin once
Harvest 150 Peanuts/Super Peanuts (16 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: Ski Ducks(2 days to harvest on farm),300 XP,2500 Coin

FarmVille Cactus Quest 4: Sheep Prefer Cotton

Get 6 Hoof Warmers
Harvest Livestock Pen
Harvest 150 Wheat (12 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: Sweater Sheep(3 days to harvest on farm),500 XP,2500 Coins

Farmville Cactus Quest 5: A Sweater For Your Thoughs

Get 6 Cow Sweaters
Harvest Cow Pasture
Harvest 150 Spinach/Red Spinach (14 hrs Crops)
Rewards: Sweater Cow(1 days to harvest on farm),750 XP,2500 Coins

Farmville Cactus Quest 6: Rug -A-Rug Rug

Get 6 Horse Rugs 
Harvest Sweater Cow Twice (Rotate in Cow Pasture)
Harvest 150 Peppermint
Rewards:Winter Rug Horse(3 days to harvest on farm), 1,000 XP, 2500 Coins

Farmville Cactus Quest 7: Keep the Light On
Get 8 Heat Lamps 
Harvest Winter Rug Horse 2 times (Tip: Stable Rotation)
Harvest 300 Pumpkins (or Super) - 8 Hrs Crop
Rewards: Snowed in House, 1000 XP,2500 Coins

Farmville Cactus Quest 8: Warm Best Friend
Get 9 Warm Pet Beds 
Harvest Sweater Penguin 2 Times (Tip: Zoo Habitat)
Harvest 600 Strawberries (or Super) - 4 Hrs Crop
Rewards: Frozen Pond

Farmville Cactus Quest 9: Take Care
Get 10 Pairs of Insulated Boots
Master Sweater Penguin to 1-star (5 Harvests to 1-star mastery)
Harvest 400 Cranberries (or Super) - 10 Hrs Crop
Rewards: Snowboard Gnome,1500 XP, 6000 Coins

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