Monday, December 5, 2011


This above all others seems to be the pressing question of the day, WHEN will WW open for free??

All we know is that the 1st WW quest was scheduled to end on Dec. 5th.
The 1st quest being set for the early access it is STRONGLY beleived that the open access will begin on this date in time to start the 2nd WW quest.

Of course we dont know the minds of Zynga, we can only estimate but it SHOULD begin on a slow roll-out sometime this evening Pacific U.S. time.

1st, it would seem eager farmers will again be allowed to PURCHASE advanced access to the new farms, much as many were allowed early access to LHC when it first launched.

While on this "new" farm, it would seem as if farmers will be allowed to build a train station. How this will play out in the game we have yet to see.

Also, dont forget to visit our quest guides and useful links


The winter wonderland farms began a slow roll-out on Nov.28th for early access purchase of 55FC.

It's widely believed that on or about the 5th of Dec. that the wonderland expansion will become open to all for free.
This is a limited time event..meaning that the access of achieving a wonderland farm will have an expiration date which is understood to be the 18th of Feb. 
If you have an active FV account and have reached the level of 15 by this date you will be allowed a wonderland farm, however after this date the farm will no longer be made available.  

By our understanding, the only benefit of early entry is access to one additional quest.
Here is the link to the quest guide including it's rewards to see if you feel it's worth the additional 55FC

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