Thursday, December 8, 2011

FarmVille Holiday Tree Has Finally Arrived!!

The Holiday Tree is FINALLY HERE!! The greatly anticipated holiday activities has been kicked off with slow introduction of this beautiful tree! Presents galore have been seen floating through the feeds at lightning speeds leaving people with dial up in the dust!

When the update is made available to you on your farm, you will be greeted with the pop-up as shown above. You can directly place your Holiday Tree on your farm or if you need to clear some green space then it will go to your FarmVille Gift Box for safekeeping.

Holiday Presents

So what’s the Holiday Tree for? To fill it up with presents of course! You can send and receive free giftable Holiday Gifts with your neighbors. The Holiday Gifts can be found on the FarmVille Gifting Page. Even more exciting, we’ll find out what’s inside the Holiday Gifts, when you are able to open your presents on December 24th 2011!

How to Get Holiday Gifts:

  1. Send and receive via FarmVille Gifting Page
  2. Use “Ask For More” button found when looking “inside” tree.
  3. Find free Holiday Gifts on Facebook News Feed
  4. Purchase Holiday Gifts directly using Farm Cash

Holiday Tree Stages

As you fill your Holiday Tree with Holiday Gifts, the tree itself wil physically change, becoming larger and more grand with each new stage completed. There are a total of 6 Stages.
There is a Gift Meter to keep you on track with how many gifts you’ve collected. The meter points of interest include 25, 50, 75, 150, and 300 gifts collected.

What do you think about this Holiday Tree Idea?!?

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